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Many young athletes dream of becoming a professional. Their whole life takes place at the sports ground. Consequently, there is often not much time left for educational requirements - a problem concerning many children and teenagers nowadays. Not being restricted to professional athletes, it is an immense challenge for young people to find the right balance between sports and education.

This is exactly where Anpfiff ins Leben comes into play. The non-profit organisation was founded in 2001 by Dietmar Hopp and Anton Nagl. Currently we work with the youth sections of eleven sports clubs located in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region. The aim of our 360° concept is the professional and sustainable advancement in the four central pillars sports, school, job qualification and social development. By this, we want to help evolve personalities and prepare them for their private and professional future beside and beyond a sports career. Every day, this approach is implemented by more than 60 full-time employees, 330 coaches as well as 120 educationists supporting our athletes of different soccer, handball, golf and ice hockey clubs. Not only do some of the 3,500 children actually make their way to professionalism, they also improve as students and accomplish their graduation successfully. With our youth development centre located directly on the club grounds, our kids and teenagers get offered a modern infrastructure, learning support and numerous social and education-related projects and workshops.

In 2015, we amplified the spectrum of our non-profit organisation by supporting people with dysmelia or amputation to find their way back into an active daily routine. After such a drastic change of life, the significance of movement, fitness and sports increases a lot and helps improving physical and mental health. Anpfiff ins Leben offers individual and collective training schedules adjusted to specific handicaps under the guidance of qualified instructors and coaches. Our sports groups in amputee football, sitting volleyball, carbon-spring running, fitness training and dance classes meet on a regular basis in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region. Other sports and exercise activities like cycling, climbing, Nordic Walking, skiing and many more take place seasonally. Our get-togethers are a great opportunity to make new contacts and friends and to exchange experiences. Moreover, we are convinced that inclusive events of our young members with senior citizens and people with disabilities lead to a functional and tolerant society.

Our concept is effective and has a sustainable impact. For that reason, we founded Anpfiff Vereinsberatung. As a consulting service, we qualify and advise other sports clubs not only in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan area but also transregional. By doing so, we aim at encouraging them to adopt our youth empowerment approach and focus on the successful progress of their young athletes. In order to create new perspectives for and with our athletes, we depend on the support of our numerous sponsors, donators, partners and volunteers we are very grateful for. Together we would like to contribute to a world of equality, respect and an intact environment.

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